Surbhi Cow Dhoop (Dhoop pati)

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Surbhi Cow Dhoop is made in himalaya from pure herbs. In Himalaya there are medicinal and ayurvedic trees and herbs which the cow eat. From that cows dung an ayurvedic dhoop is prepared. So this dhoop sticks is free of any chemical

Surbhi Cow Dhoop is made from absolutely chemical & carbon free mixture of pure Indian breed Cow's dung and some added herbs to get you the best dhoop in the market. It has no added or artificial fragrancein it. Desi Cow Ghee, Guggul & Loban does the job to bring soothing fragrance upon burning

Surbhi dhoop purifies the complete atmoshere of your home. The scent of surbhi dhoop makes entire surrounding pure and pleasing. Burning surbhi dhoop made from Badri cow is equivalent to performing sacrifice (yagya). It is also useful to kill bacteria andSand FLU H1N1 virus. The natural essence of dhoop provides divine purity. With the use of surbhi dhoop one does not need to use mosquito coils as it is good mosquito repellent. Frequent use of dhoop is recommended for spiritual developement. Burning dhoop makes ambience harmonizing and it is good for physical and spiritual well-being.

Benefits of Using Dhoop Sticks:

They are better for the health of our body, mind and soul. Dhoop incense enhances concentration and focus at the time we are reading or performing meditation, prevents infections, relievesheadaches, fights depression, and reduces anxiety and tension.

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