Hair Care

Ayurveda hair care concepts cover all the aspects of hair health & growth promotion, natural colour management & prevention of hair fall. Ayurvedic classical literature like Charak, Shushruta Samhita emphasizes the utility of various herbal compounds in hair care.  Hair is the sub tissue (Upa Dhatu) of Asthi (bone tissue) ; some consider it as the mala (by product/waste derivative) of Shukra dhatu (reproductive system). Hence hair is a part of Sapta Dhatu. The word ‘keshya’ is suggestive of ‘keshaya hitam yat tat’.It means that which is good for hair. Kesh sanjanana-that which helps in the origin of hair, Kesh vardhana-that which promotes hair growth or which makes hair dense and thick, Kesh ranjana – that which gives dark black color to the hair.