Skin Care

In Ayurveda the word ‘Twacha” or “Charma” is used for skin Twacha is derived from “Twak – Samvarne” dhatu meaning the covering of the body. Acharya Charaka described Twacha as a Matrjabhava (Maternal factors), which is one of the six Bhavas essential in the development of Fetus. Acharya Sushrut has described the process of formation of Twacha in the developing fetus. He says that after fertilization of Ovum Twacha develops just like cream on the surface of milk. Vagbhat’ had described the formation of Twacha due to Paka of Rakta Dhatu by Rakta Dhatwagni in the developing fetus. After paka, it dries up to form Twacha.