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Effective in Menorrhagia and Leucorrhoea
It is an uterine tonic. It corrects menstrual disorders. It also has digestive, blood purifier and laxative properties.

LODHRASAV by SANDU is a classical ayurvedic preparation. Lodhra is the key ingredient which has properties like laxative, coolant, hemostatic, astringent and hemostatic. Hence it can be used in bleeding disorders

INDICATIONS: Useful in burning micturition, intermittent urination, anaemia, anorexia, vertigo, etc.

DOSE: 15 - 20 ml  with equal quantity of water twice daily after meals or As directed by the physicianIndications -

Menorrhogia, leucorrhoea, skin diseares, bleeding piles, grahani (Irritable bowel syndrome)

Ingredients -
Symplocos racemosa, Mersdenia tenacissima, Hedychium spicatium, embelia ribes, clerodendrum serratam, valeriana wallichii, Holarrhens antidysenterica (seeds), Areca catechce, Callicarpa macrophylla etc