Baidyanath - Ashwagandhadi Churna

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It is an Ayurvedic body building Muscle & Nervine Tonic supplement which can be used as well for Breast development It is a powerful aphrodisiac tonic. It helps fight tiredness, increases muscle strength and sexual vigour

Effect on Tridosha

Help Balance Kapha and Vata Dosha


  • Firming Saggy Breast
  • Breast Toning
  • Body Building
  • Impotency
  • Immunity Booster
  • Muscle Tonic
  • Nervine Tonic
  • Old age Deability
  • Spermatorrhoea
  • Urinary Tract Disorder


Ashwagandha and Vidarikand 5gm each.


One to Two Teaspoon twice a day with Milk or as directed by your doctor

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